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Mar 9, 2011 2:06 PM by Press Release

Boustany Blasts Call to Tap Strategic Oil Reserves Pushes for More American Energy Production

US Congressman Charles Boustany, Jr. (R-Southwest Louisiana) today condemned suggestions to tap into the strategic oil reserves as a temporary and short-sighted solution to the rising price of oil. He advocated for the hard working men and women of Louisiana, whose livelihoods have been in jeopardy since the Obama Administration imposed its moratorium and defacto moratorium on American energy production, and called on the President to utilize America's own resources.

"[The Administration] now wants to open up the strategic petroleum reserve, which is supposed to be used in severe shortages" Boustany said. "That's not an energy policy. That actually hurts our country."

"Let's review the record," Boustany continued. "A moratorium on drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, hurting American energy production. A budget proposal that offers $50 billion in new taxes on independent, small energy companies working throughout the United States. Tax policies that are going to hurt large U.S. companies trying to compete for limited reserves around the world to meet U.S. energy needs. And finally an attack on horizontal drilling.

"This country has never had an energy strategy," Boustany said. "The only thing worse than not having an energy strategy is having an energy policy that's actually hurting our country."

Boustany is the leading voice to restore American energy production to the Louisiana coast, and is working to bring back Louisiana jobs. With oil prices hovering at $105 a barrel, Boustany recognizes the strain on all Americans as the economy struggles to recover.

In 2008, Boustany criticized calls to tap into these reserves, noting then the proposal would not solve America's long-term energy problem.



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