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Nov 6, 2012 11:03 AM by AP

Both Obama & Romney voters lament political divide

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Whether they chose President Barack Obama or Republican nominee Mitt Romney, Louisiana voters say more political cooperation is needed but unlikely.

In Metairie on Election Day, Democrat Rebecca Stilling said "We need to work more closely together." The 57-year-old clinical social worker voted for Obama and cannot envision voting Republican.

Independent Perry Kleyle of Metairie says he voted for Romney because he feels the country needs more leadership. The 66-year-old business owner says he doesn't expect more cooperation, no matter who wins. He says nobody wants to listen to others.

Ana Dardis of Metairie, a 51-year-old Republican and a nurse, says she voted for Romney because he's against abortion. She says she could not imagine voting for a Democrat unless the party becomes pro-life.


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