Feb 10, 2010 11:03 PM by Sarah Rosario

Blizzard 2010, How It Affects Acadiana

Much of north eastern United States is covered in snow. Weather officials are calling this the blizzard of 2010. As a result many flights and travel plans were canceled. The storm is so bad its crippled travel both in the air and on the ground. As of noon Wednesday, more than six-thousand flights were canceled in the region.

The people who flew into Acadiana early Wednesday morning say they barely made it into town. "The ride in was very bumpy in the stormy area where it was snowing. The pilot insisted everyone stay seated and to keep their seat belts on. We thought oh we're not going to make it, but we did," said Michigan Resident Rose Marie Battey.

Others who hoped to fly out of Lafayette Regional Airport couldn't because the connecting flight to their destination was canceled. "I'm not upset I missed my flight because I don't have to get stuck in the bad weather.

For those who are stuck in the bad weather. The airline is under no obligation to provide any assistance to passengers what so ever.

People with flights scheduled in the Blizzard area on Thursday are advised to call the airline directly.

Sarah Rosario



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