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Aug 20, 2012 12:05 AM by Alex Labat

Blessing of the Fleet

As rain rolled into Delcambre early Sunday morning, so did dozens of residents and shrimpers, as the 62nd annual Delcambre Shrimp Festival came to a close Sunday with the traditional Blessing of the Fleet".
In a town smaller than a square mile, the shrimping industry plays a major part in it's economy.
Shrimpers, like the crew of the 'Lil' Man' gathering at the docks to not only have their boats blessed, but their crews and even their stews as well. Russell Vice, a deckhand on the 'Lil' Man', describes his as, "made with fresh shrimp caught off the 'Lil Man', and hopefully everybody enjoys it."
It hasn't been smooth sailing the last couple of years for these shrimpers, however. Vice says, "it's been real rough the last couple of years with the BP oil spill and just getting back into shape."
The captain of the 'Lil Man', and this year's King, Rene Gregoire knows the only way to fix the issues of the past is my continuing to move forward. Gregoire looks to the future of this year's season by saying, "it's been a little rough, hopefully things will get better. Just have to keep moving on and persevering."
After going through so much, a little rain wont stop these shrimpers from doing what they came out to do today, especially the King.
"Now it's time to party. Let's take a ride"


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