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Apr 10, 2013 7:31 PM by Alex Labat

Birds Stolen From Zoo of Acadiana

When George Oldenburg stayed late after work at a house on zoo property Tuesday night---he woke up to a burglary.

"I called 9-1-1, and I told them that there was someone on the property, unauthorized, and I didn't know what was about to happen", says Oldenburg.

What was happening...someone was stealing three exotic birds. Birds that were injured in the crash.

The owner of the Zoo of Acadiana says, "It's tough to lose an animal, they're here every day---on their days off they can't wait to see the animals that they haven't seen for a couple of days so it is hard."

And what makes the loss of the birds to the zoo even more heart-wrenching is that they weren't even on display. They were kept behind the scenes because they were being trained to work with people.

10-year-old "Kiw"i was found. The bird dragged himself from the wreckage and is being treated in Baton Rouge.
"Finny", a Senegal Parrot, didn't make it out alive.
A third bird, "Baby Blue", a Blue Indian Ringneck, survived the crash, but is missing.

He also wants to remind people while the zoo's family is hurting, Yongcun Su's family is hurting far worse.

"A human life is far more valuable than an animal life. Of course over here we have to deal with animals mostly. So I'd like to say that we extend our sincere sympathy to the family for what they're going through", says Oldenburg.



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