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Apr 2, 2014 7:51 PM by Kari Beal

Bill repealing common core fails in committee

UPDATE: A bill to repeal common core did not pass the House Committee on Education. HB 381, proposed by Louisiana State Representative Brett Geymann of Lake Charles, lost with a 7 to 12 vote. This is among many bills relating to common core to be discussed.

House Bill 381 would have created a Louisiana commission to develop state standards in public schools. It would temporarily stop certain math and english tests known as PARCC, but maintain common core standards for the current school year.

This bill is causing heated debate and has seen dozens of amendments. Lafayette Parish School System Superintendent Pat Cooper said the changes would take a step backwards.

"We get everyone trained one way and then we have to train them all over again," Cooper said. "Lafayette in particular has spent a lot of money and a lot of time training teachers, buying hardware and computers."

Under the bill a Louisiana commission of 30 people would create new state standards in public schools, scrapping common core.

"I feel like we should have someone locally to design the curriculum for the state of Louisiana because they know our kids," Jerrie Williams, a parent of three children, said.

Both sides argue that high standards are needed in public schools. According to the bill, schools would still be able to create their own curriculum, but it would also allow districts to go above the standards created by the state. Some say this could be a problem.

"What is the impact on a child who is taught one thing and then moves to another school district with a totally new expectations?" Representative Chris Broadwater, R-Hammond, said.

Opponents of the bill argue that teachers are just beginning to harness common core material and implementation.

"We raised standards on tests and so some test scores went down, but I think eventually we will catch up," Cooper said.

Some businesses like Exxon Mobil spoke out in support of common core saying it makes children more equipped for future careers.

On the other side, supporters of the bill say other states are passing legislation to end common core so Lousiana should do the same.

Gov. Bobby Jindal's office submitted a card of support for HB 381. 

House Bill 558 is another bill challenging common core. It would end current laws requiring certain math and english assessments through common core known at PARCC. This bill has not made it to committee discussions.


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