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Feb 14, 2014 4:52 PM by Dave Fields

BIG BANG THEORY: Math whiz kids' runaway snowball damages dormitory

In what could be considered a new spin on the "Big Bang Theory", an estimated 800-pound snowball, formed on Saturday by two math majors from a Portland, Ore., college, from the nearly 12-inches of snow, plummeted into a Reed College dormitory, forging dents and cracks in the structure's wall and knocking it off its studs.

The ordeal began Saturday as a storm bombarded almost a foot of snow in the quadrangle of dormitories at Reed College. With the onslaught of wintry precipitation, two college students seized the opportunity to make a large snowball, according to an incident report from the Community Safety Office.

To and fro, the pair rolled the ever-growing monstrosity across the Grove Quad. The pair, as reported by Reed Magazine, " rolled the gargantuan blob down the path that leads from the Quad to SE 28th Street."

The abominable snowball rests upon the wall of unit #7 in the Reed College Apts.

Over the course of the day, the magazine reports, "the frozen sphere picked up more and more snow, gained mass, and grew increasingly ponderous." According to the publication, rumors began to spread that a three-foot, cement owl sculpture, known as the Doyle Owl, had been swallowed up by the snowball and "was entombed in its icy heart."

Throngs of students and other citizens congregated and began chanting, "Roll it! Roll it!" until finally...they did.

However, as the Reed story goes, the students "miscalculated its trajectory" and the abominable snowball "picked up momentum, veered off course, and smacked into Unit #7 of the Reed College Apartments."

No one was injured, but the rolling wrecking ball is credited with taking a wall off of its studs and narrowly missing a window.

"It was a big snowball," says Steve Yeadon, Reed's maintenance manager. Yeadon said that it took a maintenance worker 45 minutes to cut into the 40-inch diameter of the massive snowball.

Student residents enjoying the living-room comforts of apartment #7 were jolted abruptly by what they described as a "huge crash" and observed what the college magazine says was "a giant crack running down the bedroom wall and a goliath boulder of ice outside the window."

The two "snowfenders"--as coined by Reed magazine--"immediately identified themselves as the perpetrators.

School maintenance reports that repair costs may total between $2000 and $3000.

The interior of Unit#7 damaged by the abominable snowball.

To read the Reed Magazine report, click here.




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