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Aug 26, 2012 7:39 PM by Maddie Garrett

Better Safe than Sorry: Acadiana Prepares for Isaac

As fast as you can move a generator, they've been flying off shelves and floors of hardware stores across Acadiana.

"More supplies will be on the way so right now we're selling down pretty quickly," said Lowes Assistant Store Manager Seth Veron.

Veron said when it comes to a tropical storm or hurricane, people around here don't take any chances.

"Really proactive at the first sign of something might hit, getting out here getting what they need," he said.

Veron said Sunday morning, his store had roughly 25 portable generators. But by the afternoon, only a few were left. Managers at Home Depot said they sold out of generators Sunday morning.

"We've been when they were running out of things, you know cash, gasoline, it's not a pleasant situation. So it's better to do it now early than wait till the last minute," said Todd Henry.

Henry picked up one of the last generators from the store, but it's not for his house but for his elderly parents.

"I can't take a chance because they need to have some type of power source for the ice box, fans, you know to keep themselves going," said Henry.

In Acadiana, being prepared means thinking about more than just yourself.

"One of my family members is pregnant so to make sure that she's staying cool, I just wanted to be safe before the storm hits and so we're picking up supplies, generator and just to make sure everything's ok," said Lafayette resident Rachel McElroy.

Henry added, "It's not just about you and what you need, you have to think about your neighbor, other people, your family members, people who can't do for themselves."

Whether for Isaac, or the next big storm, it's better to be safe than sorry.


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