Oct 30, 2012 6:39 PM by Erin Steuber

Being Frog Festival Queen is more than a title

The Rayne Frog Festival starts next week , but preparations for the big event are already hopping. This past weekend, women from all around Acadiana competed for something that's much more than just a title. For 40 years, women from across Acadiana have competed for the coveted title of Frog Festival Queen. During the interview, worth the most points in the pageant, the women must show their passion, and knowledge, of the Frog Festival and the City of Rayne.

"Anyone can put on a dress, and be pretty, and get their hair and makeup together, and learn how to model, but to actually go in and speak to these a panel of judges that they've never met before," said Coordinator Angie Broussard "You know, that takes a lot of courage for these girls to do this."

Kelsey Primeaux served as Frog Festival Queen this past year traveling around the state as ambassador for the city and festival.

"It was an absolutely wonderful experience representing this festival that's really dear to my heart," said Primeaux. "This actually ends the road of frog titles for me, there is no more, so it is bittersweet but happy at the same time to see who else is going to win the title."

Mckenna Aloisio is competing for one of the coveted titles. She says a lot of work goes into preparing for the pageant.

"You have to study a lot all about the festival, frogs in general, the people and the city, and everything," said Mckenna. "So probably like two months to really prepare get everything put together your dress, your shoe, makeup, hair, everything."

Mckenna's mother refuses to let her participate in pageants requiring lots of makeup. She says pageants should be a learning experience.

"I see where it helps a young girl speak," said Jada Aloisio."Mckenna has no problem speaking in front of anyone. And if that's the main thing she gets from this, is being able to have a job interview and know how to handle it before she's 25, that's an important life lesson."

Over the three categories, Teen Frog Festival Queen, Frog Festival Queen and Ms. Frog Festival Queen, 19 girls competed. The three winners, completely shocked.

"It means a lot to be only 24, and be able to win, and be able to be a mentor to other queens, and be able to represent the Frog Festival the best that I can," said Jade LeBlanc, 2012 Ms. Frog Festival Queen.

"It means everything, everything because the festival is so close to my heart," said Victoria Richard, 2012 Teen Frog Festival Queen.

This year's queen has the honor of representing the state in Washington DC for the Mardi Gras parade.

"This is a dream of mine," said Brittney Reed, 2012 Frog Festival Queen. "I did it for my nana, she passed away three years ago of cancer, she loved frogs I've had so many memories here in Rayne. I am so honored and humbled to be able to represent this organization."

Mckenna didn't have the outcome she was hoping for, but says it's inspired her to try harder next year.

"I wont be in the same division next year, but if I don't have another title I'll definitely move on to Ms. and do it again," said Mckenna.

The Rayne Frog Festival is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The festival starts November 7th until the 10th at the fairgrounds. It will be the first time the new royalty makes a public appearance.



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