Feb 14, 2011 9:31 PM by Maddie Garrett

Bear Could Still Be Roaming Lafayette Streets

A black bear could till be roaming the streets of Lafayette. Since Thursday night, when the bear was first spotted at Dulles and Ambassador Caffrey, Lafayete Police have received at least a dozen calls concerning a black bear sighting.

"He has a direction in mind where he wants to be going but he does not know what lies ahead of him, so he does not know what obstacles are out there," said Maria Davidson, with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Davidson is the Large Carnivore Program Manager with LDWF and she believes the bear was trying to move south and got stuck in the city.

"This bear is truly just looking for a way out," said Davidson.

Davidson has followed the bear's tracks throughout the city, as it moves through a neighborhood and several wooded areas near Ambassador Caffrey. She said she last tracked it off of Highway 90 near Ambassador Caffrey.

"He just follows natural forested corridors, down small drains, even sometimes fence lines and things like that," said Davidson.

Police even shut down Ambassador Caffrey this weekend to try and coax the bear out into the open.

"There's traffic and roadways where there's heavier traffic all the way around it, they believe the bear is maybe not venturing out because of that reason," said Corporal Paul Mouton, spokesman for the Lafayette Police Department.

Despite their efforts, authorities haven't caught the bear yet. So if he shows up in your backyard, Davidson said you shouldn't try and approach the bear.

"Remain calm, give the bear some space, the bear's not going to approach them. Just back up, go to a secure location where they can call 9-1-1," recommends Davidson.



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