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Nov 26, 2012 2:46 PM by Press Release

BBB alerts Acadiana residents to credit card text scam

The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana is alerting residents that it has recently received numerous calls concerning scam text messages designed to scam residents out of credit card and Personal Identification Numbers (PINs).

Several callers to the BBB reported receiving a text from "" informing her that her immediate attention was needed and to call (407) 392-1602.

When they made the call, and automated answering machine informed them that their debit or credit cards were "limited" and they needed to confirm her credit card number and pin to clear up a discrepancy.

Once they entered credit cards and PIN numbers, the automated message hung up, saying the issue had been resolved.

The BBB offers the following tips to avoid identity theft through text or phone scams:

* Protect your banking info. Never give account numbers or PINs for a credit/debit card over the phone unless you directly called your bank.
* Pay attention to your billing cycles. If bills or financial statements are late, contact the sender.
* Tear up or shred unwanted receipts, credit offers, account statements, expired cards, etc., to prevent dumpster divers getting your personal information.
* Store personal information in a safe place at home and at work. Don't leave it lying around.
* Don't respond to unsolicited requests for personal information in the mail, over the phone or online.
* Check your credit report once a year. Check it more frequently if you suspect someone has gotten access to your account information.

The BBB of Acadiana works for a trustworthy marketplace by maintaining standards for truthful advertising, investigating and exposing fraud against consumers and businesses. Please contact the BBB at or (337) 981-3497 24 hours a day for information on businesses throughout North America.

The BBB of Acadiana services the parishes of Acadia, Evangeline, Iberia, Lafayette, St. Martin, St. Landry and Vermilion.

Acadiana residents can now have BBB information in the palm of their hand with the official BBB Search app, a convenient, mobile BBB solution available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The app can be found at:




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