Oct 22, 2012 12:02 AM by Alex Labat

Bayou Vermilion District's First Boat Parade Adding Recreation to Cajun Culture

Acadiana and Louisiana are known as the Sportsman's Paradise. We also have music and of course food as local staples, but one Acadiana group is working to add "recreation" to the list.

The Bayou Vermilion District's first boat parade was underway today. Vermilionville hosted the event that joined food, music, and recreation.

The goal of the parade is to show locals a new way to experience Lafayette, and how keeping the river clean leads to good clean fun.

Grand Marshal Joey Durel kicked off sunday's event. The parade traveled down the Vermilion, ending at River Ranch restaurant Cochon. One of the boats highlighted today was created by the preserver and builder of pirogues and other cajun boats *at* Vermilionville. He says the event is a great way to blend Cajun culture with his love of Louisiana waters.

--Alex Labat



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