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Sep 25, 2012 7:37 PM by Kristen Holloway

Bank Robberies

Police departments statewide are comparing surveillance videos from bank robberies trying to figure out if one person is behind all of them. We've told you about three in Acadiana but we've learned about one more incident quite similar to the robberies that happened here.
A quick recap yesterday there was the hold up of the Regions Bank on Albertson's Parkway in Broussard the suspect handing over a note saying he had a weapon. police say he left in a Gold Ford F-250.
Also Lafayette police say their bank robbery suspect was also in an F-250 Ford pickup. This suspect held up the Whitney on Ambassador Caffery last Friday with a note.
On September 14th, two Fridays ago another person held up the Whitney Bank in Opelousas with a note. All three agencies say they are investigating whether the robberies are related.
Now another Louisiana police department is taking a close look at these cases right. Alexandria police say just one hour before the Opelousas bank was robbed on September 14th, a man attempted to rob a bank there. It does take about an hour to get from Alexandria to Opelousas and although police there won't release surveillance video from the Evangeline Bank attempt, they say they aren't ruling out the possibility the two could be related.
Alexandria Police say the suspect gave the teller a note saying, "Give me all your money, I have a gun". However, the teller told police she couldn't read the note and didn't realize she was being held up. She asked the suspect what he wanted but he didn't respond. He simply walked out of the bank. A-P-D Investigators says the suspect was wearing a green polo shirt with a white t-shirt underneath, blue jean pants and a blue cap. This was similar but not exactly what the Opelousas suspect was wearing just one hour later.
Alexandria, Opelousas and Lafayette police are all working to determine if these cases are linked.


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