Aug 18, 2010 7:07 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Avoyelles Parish Hit Hard by Rain

Rain fall hit Avoyelles Parish hard today. According to Doppler Estimates, some parts of the area got anywhere from 10-to-15 inches of rain.

The flood waters left some residents off Highway 107 wading in a foot of water. Homeowner, Terry Armand, said "I went to the kitchen at 6:30 this morning and the water was coming into the kitchen."

Many residents said it was the first time they've seen flood waters so high. Some claimed there was up to 12 inches inside their homes.

Armand said, "when you look at your home something that is your investment that you have worked for all your life and then you have to walk in and see it like this...yeah, its really heartbreaking."

Armand has lived in her home for 14 years. She fears water has destroyed her life's possessions.

"I tried to get most of the furniture up off the floor, but there is only so high you can pick it up," she said. "All the furniture in the house is all underwater and getting wet."

Her neighbor Donald Johnson just remodeled his home six months ago.

Johnson said, "all the floors, all the carpets, everything. You know all of its going to be ruined."

Johnson can do nothing now but wait it out. He explained, "just wait until the water stops raining, let the water you know just drain out ."

Armand added, "we just packed up a few clothes we need for the evening and go to stay at a friends house. Hopefully the rain will stop and the water stops coming down and come back to look at the damage that has been done."



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