Aug 2, 2011 7:28 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Attempted Abduction in Crowley

A Crowley women is safe after getting away from a suspect who police say had every intention of abducting her.
The suspect is still on the run tonight.


Concerned resident, Kaitlin Dooley, said "it kind of scares me. You think people would be more cautious and more considerate. I wouldn't even expect someone to do that you know."
Around 2:30 Monday morning a 19 year old woman was driving west down I-10-from Lafayette to her home in Crowley. She took exit 82, and that's when she first noticed a dark colored truck behind her.
Crowley Chief of Police, K.P. Gibson, said
"as she was coming to town the vehicle was also coming to town, but it wasn't unusual at that time to see that."
The victim didn't think the truck was still following her, as she turned down her street. He won't say where, but said she lives on the northeast side of Crowley.
Officials said within a matter of seconds of her getting out of her vehicle and walking to her front door,the suspect came up behind her and grabbed her. He allegedly tried to pull her away from her home, but she put up a fight.
Gibson said, "I think it this person might have succeeded if it hadn't been for the fact that she put up a fight. She hollered and she made people aware. People in the family came out to try to find out what was going on."
The victim told police she isn't sure exactly where the perpetrator first spotted her-whether it was on the interstate or out somewhere in Lafayette-but Gibson is confident the suspect had every intention of taking off with her.

The only description police have of the vehicle is it's a black or dark colored mid-sized pickup truck with tinted windows.
If you have any information on the case call 789 tips.


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