Sep 29, 2011 9:43 AM by Lauren Wilson

Ask Joey - September 29, 2011

Parish President Joey Durel can be seen on GMA every Thursday around 6:40am to answer your questions. This week Joey Durel answered the following questions, please watch the video attached to hear the answers.

1) From Hunter: Who determines how land is zoned within the Lafayette city limits?

Answer: The present map is from the original assignments in 1972. The City-Parish Council can vote to change anything on the Zoning map or the Zoning Ordinance. The matter must be reviewed by the Zoning Commission first and they make a recommendation only to the Council.


2) From DeAnna Brown/ related question from Renee Breaux:

(DeAnna) The public school facilities in your parish are literally crumbling down around students and faculty. What are you doing to correct this?

(Renee Breaux): Mr. Durel, the schools in your city are in deplorable condition. Why is it that we never hear you promoting school improvement or getting on board with the coalition to rebuild our schools? It's great that you support businesses, Lafayette ranking #1 in food, fiber to home,etc... but this will all eventually fail with the schools falling apart. The condition of the public schools will eventually cause many newcomers to Lafayette to choose another place to settle. Many parents are fed up with the lack of concern that our city officials show towards our schools. With election time approaching, many of us will be looking for someone who will finally take a stand for our kids and our schools. This IS your city Mr.Durel. These are your schools. PLEASE get on board and show unity with those of us who do put our kids and the schools that educate them 1st.

If you have a question for Joey Durel go to under the GMA tap and click "submit Joey Durel question".



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