Oct 6, 2011 10:53 AM by Lauren Wilson

Ask Joey - October 6, 2011

Parish President Joey Durel can be seen on GMA every Thursday around 6:40am to answer your questions. This week Joey Durel answered the following questions, please watch the video attached to hear the answers.

1) From Dean:

When will Johnston St and West Congress be made into one-ways in order to handle traffic flow more efficiently? If Johnston St was a one-way, the elimination of the center turn lane would remove the enormous safety hazard that it creates, and 80% of the traffic lights could be removed increasing efficient traffic flow. Every other city in the world has had to create one-ways in order to maintain a safe and efficient flow of traffic, why is Lafayette the exception?


This question comes up every now and then. The engineers tell us that the use of one way pairs only works when the couplets are a short block or two, for example, the Evangeline Thruway.

Distances such as that between Johnston or West Congress have been shown not to be accepted by the public as well businesses located on such street. Our traffic engineers state that a proposal such as this one is not supported by experience and accepted transportation engineering principals and practices.

We appreciate the feedback and are always open to ideas. If we find valid data that supports a different conclusion for these roads, we can examine it.

2) From Anonymous: Why is it that a broken city sidewalk was fixed with black asphalt instead of concrete on Ambassador Caffery?


Because of the lack of details on this question, it is a good opportunity to remind viewers that they can call our Public Works Department to report any issues (291-8517).

For the official answer from PW: This comment doesn't identify a location on Ambassador Caffery, but we researched it and the Street Superintendent indicated that LCG has not repaired any sidewalks recently with asphalt.

Ambassador Caffery south of Johnston Street all the way to Highway 90 is a state highway so if it's in that location, this may have been done by LA DOTD.

LCG crews have recently made some temporary asphalt repairs on three areas of concrete road pavement between Eraste Landry and Bertrand. This section is under our jurisdiction and we will be making permanent concrete repairs in the near future.

If a specific location could be identified (to the PW Department) for the sidewalk, we could investigate and provide more information.

If you have a question for Joey Durel go to under the GMA tap and click "submit Joey Durel question".



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