Bullying Stops With Me!

Nov 12, 2010 6:45 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Ascension Episcopal School "Stomps Out Bullying"

Children are putting their foot down, at Ascension Episcopal School in an effort to "Stomp Out Bullying".
Seventh Grader, Rhea Kataria, said middle school girls "are like snakes. They will pretend to be your friend and then they will turn their back on you and make you feel really bad."
Kataria knows far too well what it feels like to be bullied.
She said, "they just called me really bad names and they excluded me a lot from their games and made me feel alone."
She said that happened in fourth grade and even though she's moved on.... that feeling is something she'll never forget.
"I talk to them now. I think they have forgotten about it but you can't forget something like that that happens to you," she explained.
Students say bullying often takes place on the playground, when there aren't many teachers around to keep an eye out for bullies.
Kataria said, "hide and seek, tag, red rover."
Fifth grader, Leo Franques, said "if somebody is throwing a football or baseball, they won't let somebody in and they kind of get disappointed."
Franques said he tries to befriend people on the playground now, but there was a time when he was the bully.
Franques said, "I didn't know that I was going to hurt his feelings and I said something bad and he just got upset and it didn't make me feel good inside.'
Franques and all of these other students at AES have joined together and signed a contract saying bullying will no longer happen in the hallways at school.


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