Feb 14, 2014 6:41 PM by ALEX LABAT

Ascension Episcopal School recognized as Apple Distinguished School

As many students and parents in Louisiana know, change in the classroom can be daunting. With changes to curriculum and end-of-year testing, students are being faced with adversity on a daily basis. But one area school is looking to the future, and their use of technology in the classroom has earned them a very prestigious award.

As students head to class at Ascension Episcopal, they carry with them hundreds of books. But the books are as light as air. Well, an iPad Air. "From 5th grade to 7th grade, every child has their own iPad", says Christi Juneau, director of the downtown campus. Those iPads are used in a variety of ways, and while they are constantly monitored students are allowed to download apps to help in their learning. "We acknowledge that each child is created differently, and learns differently. And we teach them their own personal learning style", says Juneau.

The school is the only school in Louisiana to be recognized by Apple as a "distinguished school" for their use of iPads in the classroom, and their push to keep students informed and up to date. "That iPad gives anyone access to immediate information, whereas that textbook, as soon as it's printed in many cases it's obsolete already", says Joshua Carlson, technology director at the school.
While traditional pen and paper is still used at the school, administrators I spoke to today say when it comes to the iPads, the students are quickly becoming the teachers. "They probably teach their parents more about technology. I know my son comes in here and organizes things on my desktop for me. So yeah, they already do", says Juneau.



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