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Oct 9, 2012 11:36 PM by Steven Albritton

Another 3rd Congressional District Debate Held, Boustany & Landry Don't Participate

The three candidates outside of the incumbents had the opportunity to debate and share more of their own platforms. Bryan Barrilleaux is a unique republican candidate. This is his first time running for office and he has chosen not to spend or accept any outside donations.

"I will be able to serve the interest of the voters, with absolutely no conflict of interest," he said.

The libertarian candidate Jim Stark stresses if he is elected no bill will be passed unless it meets three criteria when it comes to his desk.

"If it's unconstitutional, there's no money for it, it's not necessary, it's going to get a no," Stark said.

The lone democrat in the race is Ron Richard believes in compromise between government parties. He is also pushing for the coastal restoration of Louisiana. He believes his background as an attorney will help him accomplish these goals.

"Let's get all the parties together. Let's see what the issues are. Let's see what the options are. Let's see what the possible solutions are."

Charles Boustany and Jeff Landry were absent from this debate. The League of Women Voters hosted the event did reach out to them but both declined for unknown reasons. The other three candidates say they would have loved the opportunity to challenge the incumbents again.

"My personal opinion is if you run you need to be there. Unless you have a previous engagement that you can't make, and maybe they did. I don't know," Richard said.

"Both of their political careers are on the line. And I think their tactic is maybe to marginalize the rest of us," Stark said.

"Or perhaps they were concerned that I might bring up some of their campaign funding issues. But we'll have to just see about that," Barrilleaux said.

On the November 6th election one of the five candidates will need 50 percent of the vote plus one more in order to avoid a runoff. If not a runoff will be held for the two candidates who received the most votes.



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