May 14, 2014 12:31 PM by Dave Fields

Anonymous patriot decorating veterans headstones at Crowley cemetery

American flags have been mysteriously appearing on the graves of Crowley veterans and no one seems to one who's placing them there.

According to the Ferguson Funeral Home, an anonymous donor has been patriotically decorating the headstones of those whose plots have been designated with military markers in the Woodlawn Cemetery.

Not only have new American flags been erected on some military gravesites, but as the flags wear out or become tattered, the mystery flagger discreetly replaces them. According to funeral home staff, the anonymous patriot seems to spare no expense in his installation of flags, a process that always seems to go undetected by funeral home personnel.

Although the mystery patriot doles out much recognition, his actions would indicate that he or she doesn't want any attention called to himself or herself.

Funeral home staff also add that the flags have been firmly implanted beneath the ground level. The flags are not simply stuck into the ground, staff said.



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