Nov 9, 2010 7:22 PM by Shawn Kline

Animal Shelter under fire by Humane Society

Allegations of inhumane conditions at an animal shelter in Lafayette.
The Humane Society of Louisiana has come forward with accusations from a whistle-blower who worked with the Roicy Duhon Animal Shelter.
Humane Society Director, Jeff Dorson told us the Roicy Duhon Shelter has had problems for years- stemming back to 2001; and now he says he has a witness...
"The red flags for us still exist," Dorson said,
He says they finally have hard evidence of wrong-doing after talking to former Lafayette Police Liason, John Bergeron.
"What he saw was sloppy inattentive work performed by people on the payroll," Dorson said.
Some of the accusations include leaving animals in inhumane conditions and euthanizing pets before a legal five day limit for owners to claim them.
"A cat was picked up, housed then euthanized before the five day period." Dorson says, "they changed the record to make it look like they had held the cat for the prescribed amount of time."
"Our officers would fill in this paper work and it would become part of a big file and through the years, we had hurricanes and our records were destroyed," Mike Mouton said.
Mouton, of the Department of Emergency Operations, oversees the Roicy Duhon shelter. He says it's in better shape today than five years ago.
"It can exceed standards, meet standards or require improvements," Mouton said, pointing to the latest report on the facility. "We meet standards."
He says the staff never wants to harm any of the animals or break any laws.
"Our decisions are well-thought out and if anything is done, we certainly do follow those particular laws," Supervisor Virginia Lee said.
Lee says the shelter brings-in more than a thousand cats and dogs every month and each owner is given five days to claim their lost pet before the animal is euthanized.
As far as the lawsuit, the Humane Society is still pursuing legal action regardless of the current state of the animal shelter.


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