Nov 22, 2012 2:15 PM

An inspirational Lafayette couple takes in 7 children who needed homes

So let me tell you about the Clark family - a truly inspirational couple that we had the honor of meeting today.

Last month, we had a Lafayette teacher reach out to us, asking if there was anything we could do for a family in need. We didn't have a program in place, but sometimes opportunities are presented to us at the TV station, and we are able to guide people in the right direction. This particular family centers around Roy and Lois Clark who has one child of their own living with them. They are godparents to seven others who now live with them because of unforeseen circumstances. They say the children would have been taken into state care if they wouldn't have intervened, so they felt they have no choice. They all live under one roof on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Lafayette. The makeup of the children is the following: 11-year-old boy, 8-year-old boy, 7-year-old twins (boy and girl), two 4-year-old girls, 3-year-old girl, and a 9-month-old girl.  (Some of the children are visiting their grandparents today.)

We reached out to them earlier this week, asking if we could profile their family, to show Acadiana the sacrifices they were making to help out those in need. They respectfully declined the offer. Then, an opportunity presented itself. We were given a turkey yesterday and tickets to Movies in the Parc, so we reached out to the Clarks to see if they could use them. They accepted, and thanked us. Today, we purchased a Thanksgiving meal from Rouse's for our staff, and the kind folks at Associated Grocers dropped off another entire Thanksgiving meal for us to eat since we work the holiday. We knew exactly who we would share our amazing blessings with.

The Clarks were appreciative and welcomed the opportunity to share their story today because it is their ultimate hope to end hunger and homelessness for all. Their positive attitudes and their welcoming nature were truly inspiring, and I simply couldn't wait to share their spirit with all of Acadiana.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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