Mar 25, 2013 8:26 AM by Kristen Holloway

An Increased Call for Action in Lafayette From Bike Riders

An increased call for action in Lafayette from bike riders looking for a safer route. The Lafayette City Parish Council is hearing the demand and will take up the issue at tomorrow night's meeting. The goal from the biking community is to get a safe strategic plan in place soon. The demand for bike trails and walking paths in Lafayette is growing. One UL student tells us his friend was hit by a distracted driver while riding his bike.
"I think it's very important the bike community is growing there's a lot of shops here. It's something we definitely can incorporate on UL's campus cause a lot of times you're just cutting through people, cutting through traffic, its kind of scary," said UL Student Cory Trahan.
Due to of all the traffic in the city the Lafayette Parish City-Council is voting on a resolution to create more bike-friendly areas, recognizing the importance of cycling and walking in Acadiana.
"All the sidewalks are beat up these days, more bikes these days people want to ride on a flat smooth surface so if they're was something that looked a little better or more safe for people to ride on it would be nice," said Trahan.
"As Lafayette moves forward this is really an important piece of our community and maybe we haven't spent enough attention or focus on that but in our future a comprehensive plan and strategic planning we feel that's area to focus to keep us competitive," said Citizens Advisory Committee Member Jenny Krueger.
If the resolution is adopted, the first step for the council is to figure out the best bike and pedestrian paths to keep them safe from all the traffic on the roadways.
"Once people get accustom to the safe modes of transportation this way, they will become more more accustom and more willing to use it but it first has to be well planned and safe," said Krueger.


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