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Oct 29, 2012 6:40 PM by Jenise Fernandez

An Acadiana Woman Braces for Hurricane Sandy in NYC

An Acadiana woman is bracing for Hurricane Sandy in New York City, while her family watches from home.
Justine Sutely's daughter Eden has been living in New York City for a year in a half. Justine was with her daughter last year when Irene hit, but this time around, Eden is by herself.

"Hopefully she's been through enough with us here at home that she knows what to do," said Justine.

Like any mother, Justine is checking Facebook and watching Sandy's path closely, wishing she could be riding out the storm with her daughter. But Justine says her daughter is well-prepared for whatever is to come.

"I hope and pray since she's in the city surrounded by buildings, that the wind won't have a lot of impact on her. And hope she's on high enough ground that she doesn't have to worry about flooding," said Justine.

Eden Sutley was in good spirits when KATC spoke to her. Several of her friends are staying with her because her apartment isn't in an evacuation zone. Eden says they've got plenty of food and board games to keep them entertained.

"The landscape here is so different from over there so you never know how a natural disaster will effect it," said Eden.

Eden says most New Yorkers are locked up inside, and the usually busy streets are empty.

"I think a lot of New Yorkers learned from things that have happened in the south with Katrina, Lily, and Rita, so they're being precautious," she added.

Justine did say, Eden is mostly worried about the winter chill the storm could bring, because her daughter doesn't like the cold.



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