Jan 25, 2010 8:01 PM by Sarah Rosario

Amelia Toddler Dies After Being Run Over

A St. Mary Parish 20 month old girl is dead after being run over by an ice cream truck. It happened Saturday afternoon on Village Lane in Amelia. Family members say the ice cream truck comes through that neighborhood often. The victim's grandmother was watching four of her grandchildren who were playing outside. The grandfather put the toddler down to get the ice cream when the unthinkable happened.

"She use to sleep with me, and she would wake up and say ‘maw maw I love you yea' and I would say I love you too and then she'd kiss me every morning." For Brenda Henderson, those are the last memories of her granddaughter Sinaye.

Henderson says her ex-husband went to buy the children ice cream when he put Sinaye on the porch and didn't realize she got back down. Since Village Lane is a dead end, the ice cream driver had to turn around to get out of the neighborhood. When she put the car in reverse she accidentally ran over the child. Then she put the car in drive and ran over her again.

Henderson said, "She was bleeding from the mouth and he got week and lay on the ground. I said, ‘Pick her up, pick her up and he laid her on the porch.' but I had those four children and when they saw that, those children were crying, I was crying, and he was crying.

The driver of the ice cream truck was arrested. Alcohol tests for the driver came back negative.

"I can accept death but I just can't accept how she died. I just can't get passed that. This is hard. I wouldn't put this on nobody. She just started life and she hasn't even had a chance with life," said Henderson.

No charges have been filed in the case. Funeral arraignments are being made at Jones Funeral Home in Morgan City.

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