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May 5, 2011 7:28 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Amelia Residents Reflect Back on 1973 Flood

Flood warnings and rising water in Morgan City brings many people back to the major flood of 1973. That's the last time the water reached the top of the levees.
Amelia resident, Leroy Breaux, remembers 1973 well. It was the year he opened up his barber shop, and also the year his home town of Amelia was hit hard by record-breaking flood waters.
He said it was a few weeks of steady rain.
Larry Doiron, said "we got 19 inches of rain in one night.W e worked all night long putting out sand bags in Morgan City."
Doiron says he remembers a few barges were placed in some water ways, which helped some of the flood waters go down .
He explained, "it didn't stop it all, but stopped the majority. Without that we'd probably been flooded bad."
Residents say some of the roads were flooded and many homes and businesses had a few feet of water outside.
Breaux said, "we just stuck together and helped everyone--pumping out the water when we needed and placing sandbags."
Residents are preparing much of the same way they did back in 1973. They are placing sand bags outside their homes. On top of that, the surrounding area is better prepared to handle high water.
Breaux said, "we installed pumps and and levees since then."
Breaux says he didn't evacuate in 1973 and he's not planning to now.




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