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Nov 2, 2010 8:42 AM by Nichole Larkey

Alaska Girl Celebrating her Birthday & her 2nd Chance at Life

Bloomington, Indiana - November 15th will be a big day in the Alaskan household of the Flynn family. On that day Alexis Flynn will celebrate her 5th birthday, which just two years ago seemed like a celebration she would never have.

At Barbara Flynn's five-month ultrasound, she and her husband David were told their baby had only two weeks to live -- the fetus had no kidneys or working renal tracts, and there was only a small amount of amniotic fluid surrounding the baby. Barbara was told to get weekly checkups and when the baby's heart stopped beating the fetus would be collected and tested to determine what had gone wrong.

Baby Alexis fooled them all when she was delivered on November 15th ... alive and kicking. Her parents were told that to keep their precious infant alive, she would require a life-saving kidney transplant. With the help of her own ‘miracle kidney' Alexis endured, and survived, 21 surgical procedures prior to her transplant.

With her only kidney failing, David and Barbara were encouraged to reach out to the Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA) for help. With COTA's help, a dedicated group of family members and friends completed a ‘miraculous' three-month fundraising campaign in and around Big Delta, Alaska, that exceeded all expectations.

"Through COTA, our family has received much welcomed support that helped us overcome a very difficult time in our lives, Alexis' transplant. COTA provided hope that our personal financial burdens would be minimal and most importantly allowed us to concentrate on our daughter and her needs," said David Flynn.

On August 27, 2008, Alexis received a kidney, and a second chance at life, from her mother.

"There were so many miracles throughout Alexis' transplant journey," said David. "Answered prayers ... safe travels for many back and forth trips to Seattle ... medical professionals who were the best in the field and part of Alexis' care team ... homecare workers who feel like family ... therapists who go out of their way for us because we live in such a remote location ... and a wonderful organization, COTA, which became the hub and focal point of communication for so much of this support."

"In addition to the financial support we received through COTA, the miracle of seeing a community and our family and friends rally around our daughter was nothing short of miraculous. COTA is an example of how God works to weave modern-day miracles in this complex and sometimes overwhelming world," said David.

Happy Birthday, Alexis ... and many more!



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