Jun 18, 2011 6:47 PM by Chris Welty

Alarming Scam

Over several months we've received calls into the KATC newsroom about a possible scam involving security alarms.

KATC'S Chris Welty spent the day Friday getting answers to many of your questions.

"Something about it didn't ring true, and it set off my alarm bells."

A door-to-door salesman knocked on Phoebe Trotter's door selling security alarms. She says the offer was too good to be true and that the alarm would be free.

"Only for the ability to put the ADT sign in the yard to use as advertising and I found that rather strange because I know those alarm systems are quite expensive."

Trotter grilled him for more details.

"Oh yes ma'am he said. We make so much more off the advertising than it would cost us to install a system and it would be something like $20 a month to come and check it out every month."

She turned down the offer, and an ADT spokesperson tells me they don't offer this particular deal, but authorized dealers may. Also, ADT and authorized dealers do have salesman who work door-to-door but if you think something is suspicious, there are ways to verify their employment.

"The best thing to do is ask for i.d. because ADT sales people will have a business card or a photo id to identify who they work for. It's also a good tip to ask for marketing materials like fliers or brochures that have info on the company or the offers being made," said Bob Tucker, an ADT Spokesman.

If you are suspicious of any activity, it's best to call the better business bureau and police.

Chris Welty



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