Jan 28, 2013 12:44 PM by Melissa Canone

Agency to handle past-due taxes; host online tax sale

Mayor Hilda Curry announced today that the City of New Iberia will be conducting online tax sale auctions of properties with delinquent taxes.

The online auction will take the place of the traditional tax sale held at the City of New Iberia's City Hall. Traditional sales require anyone desiring to participate in the process to be present when the auction is being conducted. Online auctions will allow access to a greater number of citizens who will now be able to bid on properties from their homes or places of business.

Anyone interested in participating in the tax sale may register online prior to the sale at www.civicsource.com. During the sale, computers will also be available at City Hall, 3rd Floor, for the public to register and participate in the bidding process. Online information will include a list of properties, a plotted map, satellite images of the properties, amount of delinquent taxes owed, and answers to general questions about the tax sale process, including an instructional video.

However, in light of new state legislation, La. R.S. 33:2841.1, the Mayor's Office has contracted with a company specializing in third-party government tax collections in order to help secure payment of delinquent property taxes. In addition to conducting the online tax sale, the company is contracted to locate delinquent taxpayers, mail delinquency notices, generate all tax sale related events, process payments, and provide taxpayer customer service through its call center. This use of new technology and these type services has been beneficial in recovering property tax liabilities elsewhere in Louisiana.

Although these new services cost neither the City nor the timely taxpayers anything, on February 1st, delinquent City of New Iberia taxpayers will be assessed a 10% collection fee, pursuant to state statute, in addition to being assessed 1% monthly interest. This collection fee covers the administrative costs of printing and mailing notices and operating a call center, where taxpayers can submit payments and obtain account balances. By utilizing this approach for delinquent collections, the Sheriff no longer has to expend timely paid tax revenues to collect delinquent taxes, and instead, the delinquent taxpayers are essentially paying for delinquent tax collections.

The tentative dates for the next tax sale are June 11, 12 and 13, 2013.






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