Mar 12, 2013 12:00 AM by Erin Steuber

After Two Years, Still No Trial Date Set for the McKinley Street Murder Case

After two-and-a-half years, the "McKinley Street Murder" case still hasn't gone to trial, but today the suspects were in court. It was back in October 2010, when two UL students were brutally attacked inside their home. 20-year-old Kenny Donnelly was killed, his roommate survived.

Nearly two months later, two arrests were made: Ian Trahan and Wayland Guillory. They're both charged with second-degree murder and attempted second-degree murder. Both have pled not guilty.

A third man, Cody Moore was also arrested, but then released. Tonight, Moore could be facing charges again for accessory after the fact.

In court today, Trahan and Guillory's attorneys are hoping to have their client's statements, and other witness testimony thrown out.

We had our first look at the two suspects since they were arrested. Ian Trahan and Wayland Guillory were both in court for today's hearing. In court, detectives were questioned about their interrogation techniques, and witnesses were questioned about statements made to police. Bottom line, Defense Attorney Tommy Guilbeau thinks his clients were co-erced into making incriminating statements leading to their arrests. Guilbeau says the prosecution has no physical evidence.

"They don't have a case. The truth is the true people that killed the person in the McKinley Street murder, and beat the other one, they're out there alive and well somewhere," said Guilbeau. "That's the sad part about it."

Trahan and Guillory are back behind bars tonight, where they've been since their arrests in January 2011.

Cody Moore was supposed to testify in court today, but he didn't show up. Prosecutors say they may, once again, pursue charges against him. At the very least he's facing a warrant for failure to appear in court.

Judge Marilyn Castle continued the hearing until Moore is in custody. At that point they will reconvene, but still no date for a trial.


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