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Jun 23, 2011 7:29 PM by Herbie Smith

Effects of Using Reserved Oil

In 1975, President Ford established the oil reserve to be used in times of emergency.
Dr. Fathi Boukadi, with University of Louisiana's Petroleum Engineering Department believes the president's decision to used reserved oil is a waste of resources.

"Reserves should not be touched. We should not touch any reserves whatsoever," said Boukadi.

Even though he disagrees with the Obama administration's decision, he says there are some positive affects such as gas prices will go down. Also, Boukadi believes most likely the U.S. will start drilling again to search for oil which means jobs for people.

On the flip side, opening the reserve would only lower gas prices temporarily because the demand for oil is high and the U.S. doesn't have much of it which means gas prices will eventually go up again.

Bookadi believes the U.S. should start drilling again.




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