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Dec 12, 2012 4:30 PM by Melissa Canone

"Adopt A Pig" and Help The Children's Shelters of Acadiana Youth

Change Can Make A Change ("CCMC") is a local fundraising organization launched in 2012 whose goal is to take small dollars and coins and make a big impact on our Lafayette community. CCMC adopted The Children's Shelters of Acadiana Youth and needs the community's support in making a positive effect on the lives of those in need. The Shelter helps children and teens who have been rescued from abusive and unstable home lives. The Shelter provides these children, our future generation, with a place to heal, to grow and to develop into strong, focused and promising adults. CCMC is asking every man, woman and company to support its cause, through just a few pennies at a time.

CCMC started with one small pink piggy bank and the big dreams of a local Lafayette native, Glenda Schoeffler. Schoeffler started collecting change from co-workers and residents of Lafayette Gardens for the Shelter and CCMC blossomed from there. In just over two months, CCMC has raised over $2,000 in funds along with many food and household goods donations. CCMC has expanded its reach with the placement of small piggy banks throughout the community through its "Adopt A Pig" initiative. Local businesses and companies wanting to help are encouraged to place small, CCMC piggy banks at their reception area or high-traffic zone to collect pocket change for the cause. Some companies have employed a company match program whereby the company will match all the funds donated by the employees. It is a great team-building opportunity for your company and it helps the youth of our fine city.
A small donation of pocket change not only goes toward buying supplies and paying for resources, it gives these children hope that someone truly cares for them. That hope is a priceless commodity to a young child in need. No matter how you take part, no matter how big or how small your donation, you are helping to offer hope to a child who needs it more than ever. The time to act is today. Please pledge your support, just by donating your pocket change, and let's help the next generation to be strong again.

To learn more, to Adopt A Pig, or to donate funds, goods and non-perishable foods, please contact Glenda Schoeffler at Lafayette Gardens Apartments by phone at 337-993-8886 or by email to You may also deliver your items to Lafayette Gardens Apartments 110 E. Martial Avenue, Lafayette, Louisiana 70508.



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