Aug 4, 2012 8:32 PM by Natalie Noah

Active Tropics...The Latest

Few areas of tropical activity developing over the last several days. Here is the latest information.

TS Ernesto continues to race westward toward the western Caribbean Sea this evening. Central pressure has dropped during the last several hours. A better defined circulation is showing up on the satellite picture. Shear at this time is low and is moving over warmer waters which could continue to aid in intensification. Forecast is suggesting Ernesto to become a hurricane at some point across the Caribbean. The general track has been westward embedded in the flow south of the subtropical ridge. The ridge is expected to weaken in the next day or so...which could result in Ernesto turning more toward the WNW with a decrease in speed. Most of the models at this time bring Ernesto over the NW Caribbean and across the Yucatan Peninsula by Wednesday. Visit katc's hurricane center page for the latest forecast, public advisories, and interactive map.

Now newly formed TS Florence is in the open waters of the eastern Atlantic nearly 515 mile west of the Cape Verde Island off the western coast of Africa. Florence has continues to gain strength, yet activity is far from land at this time.

Another area of showers and thunderstorms across Florida's peninsula associated with a weak low is not showing signs of development. However, heavy rainfall and gusty winds possible through tomorrow.


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