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Feb 26, 2014 8:41 PM by Dave Fields

Acadiana orgs score DEQ 2014 Environmental Leadership Awards

BATON ROUGE -- The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) recognized three Acadiana institutions as recipients of Environmental Leadership Program awards (ELP).

One of two Special Recognition Awards was presented to Lafayette Utilities System and Public Works Department for its "Rain Barrel Program", which is a collaborative effort " to promote outdoor water conservation efforts in Lafayette Parish and reduce stormwater runoff from entering the Bayou Vermilion watershed."

Stuller, Inc. of Lafayette was tapped for the ELP Large Business Recognition Award, touting its innovation and social responsibility. DEQ officials said that Stuller's "Scrap Metal Recycling" program yielded 39 tons of metal, "reducing waste entering landfills" and taking "a proactive approach toward waste management." The DEQ also cited Stuller for incorporating into its business operations, the recycling of "various types of scrap metals such as brass, copper, steel, and aluminum from different operations."

The DEQ credited participants in the ELP with preventing pollution, reducing water usage, and recycling materials at the following significant levels:

Pollution Prevention - 299,783,059 pounds (lbs) of pollutants were removed including: Criteria pollutants, toxic air pollutants, biosolids, GHG emissions, etc.

Reduction in Water Usage - 4,080,000 gallons (gals) of water/day

Recycling of Materials - 78,000 pounds/yr of Metals, and 1,995,757 gals/yr of Hydrocarbon contaminated water, soapy water, used oil, etc.

DEQ leaders also commended Krotz Springs company, Alon Refining, for its "Air Emissions Reduction Program, which focused on fuel gas consumed in operating two emergency flares in an effort to reduce criteria pollutant, toxic air pollutant, and greenhouse gas emissions during the process.

A DEQ release noted that Alon, by "optimizing the amount of fuel gas routed to the emergency flares, the facility made a 50 percent reduction in air emissions" and that "in an effort to improve process heater efficiency, the facility reduced the amount of excess air used in fuel combustion on two process heaters." The end result was 10 percent reduction, the release said, of refinery fuel consumption in both heaters.

DEQ Secretary Peggy Hatch was joined by Representative Gordon Dove, House Natural Resources and Environment Committee chair, to recognize these environmental achievements.

The ELP began in 1995 as a cooperative effort between DEQ and participating companies in the state. Today, any company, federal entity, municipality, non-governmental organization, school or university committed to improving the quality of the state's environment is eligible to join the program. For more information on the ELP, please contact Linda Hardy at 225-219-3954 or visit the DEQ Web Site at www.deq.louisiana.gov/elp .



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