Sep 1, 2011 6:31 PM by Melissa Hawkes

Acadiana High School Under Constant Surveillance

Smile when you walk into the doors of Acadiana High School because you are on candid camera and we're not talking about a TV show. Police and school officials are hoping surveillance cameras will help crack down on crime in the school.

Principal Nikki Broussard felt more safe walking onto campus this year than ever before.

"The first thing we have to provide is a safe and orderly environment for our students to thrive in," she explained. "I would rather deal with prevention any time as opposed to the aftermath.

The state of the art cameras stream live, so at any time police officers or school officials can log online to see what's happening on campus.

Scott Chief of Police, Chad Leger, said "it is real time. If you are walking down the hallway it's as if we are following you with a camera. So it's about as real as real gets, which is definitely the upper hand for law enforcement."

Broussard said "if a student says I didn't take it, I wasn't in that area. We have the film footage and it's powerful."

It will especially help night patrol officers. If there is some kind of disturbance happening, officers can easily check out the surveillance from their patrol cars to see what they are dealing with.

Leger said, "if someone tries to burglarize or break into the school, we can go in and see exactly where they are at before we get on campus."

During an emergency situation, like if a gunman were to be on campus, then every teacher could be easily notified with the click of a button.

Chief Executive Officer for American Integration Contractor, Craig Noel, said "the teachers immediately get a text message of any pending emergency."

Broussard added, "we can instantaneously not only know about it, but also have a visual."



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