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Apr 15, 2013 12:49 AM by Alex Labat

Acadiana Flooding Has Residents Wanting Answers

"It's a nightmare, every time you hear it raining, your heart just drops. You run to the front door to see what your yard looks like, you don't know if you can go to work the next's scary", says Kristy Keller.
She and her neighbors are at their breaking point. After a night of heavy rain, they woke up to water knocking on their front door.
Asa Broadbent showed us the extent of the flooding, saying, "Like you see right here this happens every time there's two inches of rain."
"There's nothing you can do about it. You can't go get sandbags because they decide after it floods "hey we have sandbags available." Well I'm kind of stuck and I can't go get sandbags", says Brian Meche.

With no running water or working toilets, "and" water too high in some places to cross, many residents today expressed their frustrations with being held hostage by the rainwater...knowing it would be pointless to try to put their homes on the market.
"I would like to move but I can't. You can put a "For Sale" sign all you want, everybody knows this is a flood zone you can't sell your home. So now we're in a very bad situation because now I'm stuck with a home I feel like I lost a lot of money on", says Keller.
And with that rising floodwater comes rising anger from residents who say they're threatening legal action if the flooding in the neighborhoods continues.
Everyone I spoke to today say they've been told multiple times by agencies like L.C.G. and the Army Corps. of Engineers, that they "should have known better" buying homes where they did.
They hope their insurance agencies might step in and make they change they've been so desperately waiting for.
"I think all the neighbors will have to get together and either contact the insurance companies", says Meche.
Keller hopes, "Our insurance companies will do something about it and if they don't listen to us...they'll listen to their attorneys".



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