Aug 25, 2010 5:02 PM by Melissa Canone

Acadia Parish be on the Lookout for Counterfeit $100 Bills

Acadia Parish Wayne Melancon is advising business owners to be on the lookout for counterfeit $100.00 dollar bills.

According to Sheriff's Melancon, Detectives are presently investigating the passing of a $100.00 counterfeit bill in the Morse area.

Melancon stated that the bill is of such a good quality that it will pass the pen test.

It seems that the process being used to make these counterfeit bills is that they are white washing $5.00 bills and copying a $100.00 over the washed $5.00 bill. In turn if you hold the bill up to the light you are seeing the inlaid watermark head of Ben Franklin with Abraham Lincoln's watermark head on the side.

So check to make sure the magnetic strip matches the amount of the bill and that you are seeing Ben Franklin in the middle of the bill and also on the side.



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