Dec 29, 2013 9:51 PM by Kari Beal

Acadia Animal Shelter helping bring injured dog home

Workers from the Acadia Parish Animal Shelter are trying to reunite a dog with her family. This is after a fatal 18-wheeler crash Thursday night. The driver of that truck had a heart attack while on interstate 10. He pulled off at the Egan exit, but lost control, causing the truck to flip. He later passed away, but his dog, Chestnut, survived.

"The fiancée of the man who was in the accident, she had got the phone call from the hospital and they let her know that her fiancé had passed away and she was looking for this dog right here," said Erica McClure who works at Acadia Parish Animal Shelter.

Once McClure and others at the animal shelter found out about the story on Friday they immediately rushed to the site of the scene and searched over 70 feet of the crashed truck for Chestnut.

"Our hearts just immediately broke after thinking what it had to of been through being tossed around in this giant car of an 18 wheeler," said McClure.

The dog was nowhere to be found so they reached out on Facebook. Two hours later, a miracle. The Lafayette Animal Shelter said someone dropped off Chestnut and donated $100 to her care. McClure and Chanda Banks headed over there to pick her up, but quickly realized Chestnut needed some serious care.

"It's on antibiotics, but it needs x-rays, it needs stitches, said Chanda Banks, from the Acadia Parish Animal Shelter.

A man from Arkansas has generously volunteered to take the dog back to North Carolina, where the deceased man's fiancée resides. On Monday a doctor will visit the dog and determine the treatment needed. They estimate it will cost $250, but if bad, it could be more. To stay updated on the dog's progress you can visit the Acadia Parish Animal Shelter Facebook page or call (337) 788-1073.

A fundraiser is set up online to help get Chestnut home. Anyone interested in donating can click here.

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