Oct 11, 2012 7:13 PM by Erin Steuber

Abbeville Police looking for suspects in 2 school break-ins

Abbeville Police need your help identifying several suspects who broke into two Vermilion Parish Schools. Both incidents happened within the last month.
About 8 o'clock on the night of September 16, surveillance video captures two male suspects breaking into a detached classroom at Herod Elementary School.
"Taken was two laptops, they got through a sliding window in one of the classrooms," said Abbeville Police Chief Tony Hardy.
Then, on October 7, a second break in, this time at Abbeville High School. Surveillance video shows the suspect wearing a ski mask, gloves and holding, what police believe, is a crow bar.
"He looked like he knew exactly where to go to look where Abbeville keeps money," said Hardy.
While police know how the suspects entered at Herod Elementary, they are unsure how the suspect got inside Abbeville High.
"He didn't get anything out of the school, but he went through several places that the school keeps money, did a lot of damage to glass in the building," said Hardy.
Police don't know if the burglaries are connected. But this is not the first time Vermilion Parish Schools have been broken into. Police say around this time last year, there was a similar problem. Now they're hoping the school board will increase security even more.
"An alarm would help," said Hardy. "A silent alarm would be great because it doesn't make noise, it doesn't scare the burglar off, but it notifies us that someone's inside the building."
But Vermillion Parish School Board Superintendent, Randy Schexnayder, says the security cameras already in place have done their job.
"Since we installed the video cameras, it curtailed everything that we were having last year," said Schexnayder. "We were having a rash of break-ins, but this is the first one since we've installed the cameras and the cameras did their job, and got footage."
Abbeville Police have no descriptions of the suspect except that all three are male. Police say the suspects are in their late teens, early twenties. If you have any information please call Abbeville Police.


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