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Apr 15, 2014 10:46 PM by Kari Beal

Abbeville Park & Rec Director not hired after re-vote

Abbeville Park & Recreation Director Jerry Smith is not given permanent status after the City Council has a re-vote. Abbeville City Council said Smith was qualified for the position, but untruthful during his application process.

The vote was the same as last week: 3-2. Councilman Francis Plaisance, who voted to not continue Smith's position, said Smith did not provide contact information for his prior supervisor in New Orleans.

Jerry Smith disputes claims that he lied in his application process.

"I provided all the background information that they asked for," said Smith.

Smith says he believes this decision came because of a complaint he made about his assistant.

"I filed a report about her. She called me the N word," Smith said

In the meeting Councilmen Wayne Landry and Plaisance said their decision was in the best interest of the city and not political.

Abbeville's City Mayor gave Smith an overall good rating. In the Mayor's evaluation Smith scored "Very Good" in areas of Accountability, Decision Making, Equipment Maintenance, Adaptability and Safety." He received a fair score in "Leadership."

Smith became Abbeville's Park and Recreational Director in October 2013. For six months his position was considered probationary and the council had to vote whether to make in permanent. The council voted against keeping Smith last week and again this week. Smith cannot appeal this decision since he was not a permanent employee at the time of the vote.


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