May 27, 2014 6:31 PM by KRISTEN HOLLOWAY

Abandoned Loureauville Home Brings Health Concerns

An abandoned Loureauville home is bringing health concerns to its next door neighbors. On North Main Street, thousands of bees can be seen swarming around an abandoned house just a few feet from Jacquie and Adam Guillot's home.

"They're stinging me when I cut the grass, they're stinging the kids, they sting the dogs, whenever you ask them to come deal with it, it's a hassle," said Guillot. "It's not only the bees, they are snakes, armadillos and cats."

Guillot says the humane society removed about thirty cats from the home. He also says the person who owns the abandon house has it sprayed every spring but the bees keep coming back.

"They are killing what they can see and the queen bee is still in the nest," said Guillot.
"It's not just a small hive, it's like thousands and thousands of bees."

There's an Loureauville ordinance stating any structure in a battered condition, that's unfit for humans to live in and a menace to health of the people residing in the vicinity---can be demolished by the city.

"We don't have an inspector but the parish does," said Al Broussard Loureauville Mayor. "He went in and inspected the building and he's going to come with a written inspection of what needs to be done which would be dismantle the building."

Guillot says he hopes for a speedy resolution, he's been complaining he said for three years. However Broussard says he just became aware of the problem six months ago and intends to fully follow the ordinance.

"Definitely an eye sore and its just a dilapidated house, it's definitely a legitimate complaint but we have to work with both parties and find a peaceful resolution to this," said Broussard.

"Kill the bees, get rid of them, move the hive, tear the house down, I don't care," said Guillot. "Just get rid of everything around here that's threatening my kids, snakes, armadillos are tearing up my yard, possums whatever, it's all in that house," said Guillot.

The mayor says the city will address the situation June 9th during the board meeting where they plan to have a resolution. The mayor also says the woman who owns the abandoned home is willing to donate the cypress wood to anyone who would dismantle the home without charging her.



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