Oct 8, 2012 7:23 PM by Jenise Fernandez

A Potential Partnership Could Help UMC's Residency Program

A potential new partnership between Lafayette General and University Medical Center could help save the medical residency program. This after the LSU governing board deepened cuts to its state-run hospitals. The state is cutting $152 million from the seven hospitals. UMC's share of that cut is $22.5 million and 173 jobs. UMC will also downsize inpatient beds to ten and discontinue ICU services. Also gone, medical student apartments, some contract services and some specialized clinical services.

The residents at UMC have been on edge since hearing about those devastating cuts. Now that the news has settled in, UMCis looking to bounce back by creating community partnerships. UMC Interim Administrator Glenn Craig says every major hospital in the Lafayette area has reached out to UMC to discuss a potential partnership.

"They don't want us to shut down anymore than we do," said Craig.

Nothing concrete yet, but Craig believes things are moving in the right direction. Craig says partnering with area hospitals is essential to prevent layoffs and unnecessary cuts.

"We're hoping depending on the details that a lot of these cuts can be avoided through a partnership," he added.

Lafayette General is one of the hospitals showing interest. LGMC President David Callecod says he wants to keep the residency program at UMC alive because of its benefits to the community.

"Seventy percent of residents stay in Louisiana. So from a community stand point, it's important. We're anxious and we're looking forward to discussing our partnership and what we're working on," said Callecod.

And Craig says at this point, nothing is set in stone, they're still discussing options. But he hopes to have a plan in the near future.



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