Jan 1, 2013 11:24 PM by Steven Albritton

A New Year Means New Resolutions

For so many, 2013 means new beginnings and also setting new goals. Many of those goals revolve around getting into better shape, but others are taking goals to new heights. Planet Fitness had its fair share of people starting the new year with a workout. Tony Broussard is putting his health at the top of his new year's resolutions.

"I plan on getting in shape and losing about 40 pounds. I've been out of shape and have some high blood pressure problems. Hopefully with a little exercise and weight loss, I'll reduce that risk to my health," Broussard said.

Amy Chu is also working toward a healthier lifestyle. Once she reaches her goal, she is rewarding herself and doing a little thrill seeking. She's planning on going skydiving.

"I'm young! I'm single! Why not?!," Chu said.

For some, New Year's meant more than just a new year. Riki Hyde celebrated her 21st birthday.

"My dad had me thinking that all the fireworks were for me for a little while. So that was nice, but now I'm over it. Now I just get to do it myself," Heyd said

But for her and her friends, they decided not to have resolutions this year.

"We've just come to the realization that we're not going to keep them anyway, so might as well not even make them. We're just being realistic," she said.



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