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Nov 12, 2012 8:26 PM by Jenise Fernandez

A New Family Court Program is Helping Parents Sober Up

A new family court program is helping parents sober up and get a second chance at life.

The Romero family is a typical family. Three children who love to run around and play, and parents who love spending time with them. But the family almost feel apart, because of a dark, addictive past.

"My drug of choice was cocaine, heroin, and more. Nothing was gonna stop me," said Todd Romero.

Angela Morgan and Todd Romero met about 7 years ago while in treatment. Pills were Angela's drug of choice, cocaine was Todd's. Both had been in and out of treatment for most of their adult lives. They started dating and were sober for about a month after treatment, but quickly started using again, the drugs consuming their lives.

"It got to the point it was so bad, I literally sold all of our furniture, sold our microwave, sold everything," said Todd.

He sold everything to pay for drugs, even selling their children's toys.

"He was smart enough to know. When we drove up to the pawn shop he'd start crying," said Angela, talking about her oldest son Jonah.

Five-year-old Jonah remembers all too well what it was like growing up with two addicts.

"I remember when they were screaming and hollering and being mean to each other," said Jonah.

"Our oldest has been through a lot, he knew when we were using drugs because he'd see the needles. He'd start acting out," she said.

It was when Angela gave birth to their youngest child Sophie in March of 2011, that the Department of Children and Family stepped in. Sophie tested positive for cocaine.

"It came to the point where we were about to lose our rights," said Angela.

The three children were taken away from their home, forced to live with Todd's mother.

"I really missed home," said Jonah.

Tuesday night, find out what happens after they hit their breaking point. Find out what the couple had to do to prove they were worthy to be parents of those three small children.



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