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May 27, 2013 11:49 PM by Alex Labat

A Mother Remembers Her Fallen Soldier

This Memorial Day, so many paused to remember the men and women who dies serving this country.
And tonight, we begin with the story of an Acadiana mother, remembering a fallen son.
Lance Corporal Myles Sebastien was killed during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
He was 21-years-old when he was killed in action back in 2006.

Mona Lacombe knew from an early age that her son Myles could beat any challenges that faced him.
"He had goals. He had set goals early in life and he was serious about them, even as far back as I can remember. He took goals seriously. He took life seriously", says Mona.
Nicknamed "Seabass", his mom says Myles suffered from asthma.
Something that would have prevented the Opelousas native from joining the Marine Corps. If he hadn't taken it upon himself to overcome it.
Myles ran three miles everyday, and eventually outran the need of an inhaler, and his asthma.
Mona says, "His doctors just said "I can't believe this", so they did blood work, and they didn't find any medication in his system. He had done it."

Lacombe says her son was the best of the best, and exemplified what it means to be a Marine, and that "One of his favorite things to do was he would work at the Community Action Center. He loved being around people, he loved working with people, helping people. On activity day whenever they would play Bingo and stuff he would go and help them push around their wheelchairs, bring them things, get them situated. He spent a lot of time doing that."
And on this Memorial Day, Lacombe hopes those who've lost someone in the line of duty remember not only the one's they've lost, but the other sons and daughters still fighting overseas.
"You'd be surprised how much that would mean to a Marine. Sad to say that there are a lot of men and women in the Marines that have no family back home. That had no one to send them off. And no one to see them home. And no one to send them care packages and things like that.", says Lacombe.



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