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May 27, 2011 8:17 PM by Melissa Hawkes

A Look at Flooding in Butte La Rose and Happy Town

Water is now rising into homes in Butte La Rose and officials say it's just the beginning.
Roads leading into the evacuated areas of Butte La Rose and Happy Town have been closed off for a few days.

Only emergency officials have been allowed in, but today the St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office took the media into the evacuated areas to see some of the flooding.

The first stop was Happy Town. The only road leading into Happy Town is now covered in water.
Deputy Chief Terry Guidry said, "I was out here a week ago and water was just rolling over. We had a good foundation to walk on, but now I wouldn't want to venture out there because it would sweep you off your feet."

Guidry said the water has reached some houses, but hasn't yet made it's way inside. It's all backwater flowing from the Whiskey Bay Pilot Channel. It will eventually go into the Atchafalaya River, which officials say has crested.

"This water from the river filters through the Bayou La Rose which is here in Butte La Rose," said Guidry.

The water feeding into the canal is starting to fill up the lowest spots in Butte La Rose.
Herman Dupuis Road was dry just two days ago. Guidry said within the next 10 days the water will rise about five more feet

Guidry said, "you have about 18 feet elevation on the center of the road here. This residence behind us is taking water at about 18 feet."

Another low area is Carters Cut where the water has reached 18.5 feet.

"This side has not crested yet and it won't crest for sometime," he said. "The area here wants to be level with the river so we are looking at another 5 feet before it fills in."

St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Office Spokesperson, Ginny Higgins, said "its a very slow rise and once it does get here-that's the hard part. It's going to be 10 to 14 days for it to sit and then recede, so we are just waiting for it to makes it crest so we can hopefully get it out of here soon."

There are about 900 homes and camps in the Happy Town-- Butte La Rose area. Officials say, so far 35 structures have water inside.




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