Jan 6, 2014 6:23 PM by Akeam Ashford

A Few Ways To Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

According to KATC Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo, temperatures are forecasted to drop into the upper teens and low 20s across Acadiana by early Tuesday morning. A Hard Freeze Warning is in effect, and temperatures could stay below freezing for 18-24 hours.

With this being the coldest its been in at three years, we asked plumbing experts how you can protect your home against the elements.

Roto-Rooter plumber Byron Alleman says exposed pipes could freeze in below 20 degrees.

"The biggest pipe that comes into the house from the outside is going to be your main one to look out for. This is the one pipe you want to protect the most because it feeds water through your whole house," Alleman said.

Pipes burst when there's continuous freezing and expansion inside a pipe. Alleman says pipes in attics, crawl spaces and outside walls are all vulnerable to freezing, especially if there are cracks or openings that allow cold, outside air to flow over the pipes.

Home Depot manager Michael Vercher says they had an entire row of pipe insulation and duck tape for sale. In less than 24 hours the store is down to just a few boxes.

"You know it is kind of like Christmas shopping, just not as fun. People tend to wait until the last minute before it starts to rolls in on you. Luckily, we still have some of the product left," Vercher said.

Alleman says all you need is pipe insulation, duck-tape, some string, and even towels from the linen closet to keep your pipes from freezing.

LUS doesn't suggest you let your water faucets drip throughout the night. Instead, they suggest you shut your water completely off.

You can do this by by letting the hot and cold faucets drip inside your home, then going outside and shutting off the main water valve. Then go back inside, open all the faucets and let the water left in the pipes drain completely out. The company also suggest you keep your house heated to a minimum of 65 degrees.




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