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Dec 10, 2013 9:03 AM by Kristen Holloway

A Breaux Bridge Woman Warns Others about a Quick-Change Scam

A Breaux Bridge woman is warning others about an old scam that left her cash drawer short and she caught it all on video. It's called the quick-change and employees at one store in St. Martin Parish were hit several times before figuring out what was going on.

KATC breaks down exactly how the thief is getting away with more money than he's owed.

"The first time the man came in the store he handed me a $50 dollar bill, I gave him his change and he told me I had given him the incorrect change and that I had given him $1 instead of $20 so I gave him a $20 and he left," said Store Manager Linda Dore.

Dore says she never thought anything of the transaction until the store closed and the money in the register came up $19 short.

About three weeks later, Dore says the man returned and did the exact same thing.

"It registered this is the second time this had happened and I looked at my video and I saw what he had done and how he had done it," said Dore.

Here's a look at the surveillance video, Dore says the man takes a one dollar out of his pocket and quickly puts the twenty dollar bill she gave him in change in his pocket and tells her she gave him only one dollar.

Dore tells me the man came to the store four times, the most recent on Friday. He got away with theft three of those times, getting $19 each time, leaving Pennywise short $57 total.

"I'm hoping that other businesses will be alerted to this scam and take the necessary precautions to stop this guy so they don't have the same kind of shortages we have especially right now during the holiday season," said Dore.

Breaux Bridge police say this case is still under investigation and they're working to identify the person in the video.



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