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Dec 30, 2013 1:19 PM by MELISSA CANONE

9th Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, Jan. 22-26, 2014

Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, now in its ninth year, will open the 2014 Festival with the Louisiana Premiere of Phil Comeau's SECRETARIAT'S JOCKEY, RON TURCOTTE, on Wednesday, January 22, 2014, at 6:30 p.m., at Acadiana Center for the Arts in downtown Lafayette. The documentary film is an extraordinary road movie that follows legendary jockey Ron Turcotte, a native of New Brunswick, Canada, and one of the few jockeys to win America's Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing.

Comeau, an award-winning filmmaker based in Montréal (Québec) Canada, and a native of Nova Scotia, will be a special guest at this year's Festival. He will attend the opening night screening of the film, which was produced by the National Film Board of Canada. A reception will follow the film screening with complimentary wine, appetizers and music. Tickets for the opening night gala, including film and reception, are $10 per person and will be available for purchase in January at www.acadianacenterforthearts.com and at the door.

In addition to screening SECRETARIAT'S JOCKEY, RON TURCOTTE, the Festival will present a retrospective of Comeau's documentary and narrative fiction films, which will be screened throughout the Festival, including a screening on Saturday, January 25, 2014, of Comeau's THE NATURE OF FREDERIC BACK, who was an Academy Award winning animated short filmmaker, with Academy Award winning Moonbot Studios' newest film, THE NUMBERLYS.

Cinema on the Bayou has built an international reputation as a filmmaker friendly destination with large, enthusiastic crowds, and great food, music and fun. It has positioned itself to be unique among festivals in the United States through partnerships with the National Film Board of Canada, the Office of the French Consul General in New Orleans, the French Embassy Office of Cultural Services in New York City and the Montréal-based film distribution company, Vidéographe.

Nearly 40 films will screen at this year's Festival, including World, U.S. and Louisiana Premieres, with over 60 film screenings and events at the following venues: Acadiana Center for the Arts, Vermilionville, the Lafayette Parish South Regional Branch Library, Pack and Paddle and Cité des Arts. Filmmakers are attending from Montréal, Moncton, Paris, New York City, Los Angeles, Miami, Salt Lake City, Austin, Dallas, Shreveport, Mandeville, New Orleans, Georgia, Arkansas and Portland, Oregon. A complete schedule of events, including film screenings, panel discussions, filmmaker receptions and live music performances, including performances by legendary rockers Bas Clas, will be posted in early January at www.cinemaonthebayou.com.

"The Festival absolutely would not be possible without the generous financial contributions of our major sponsors, as well as the support of our many other community partners, including the National Film Board of Canada, Lafayette Convention and Visitors Commission, Acadiana Center for the Arts, Vermilionville, Pack and Paddle, the Lafayette Parish South Regional Library, Cité des Arts, Johnson's Boucaniere and our many loyal corporate and individual donors," said filmmaker Pat Mire, the founder and artistic director for the Festival.

Cinema on the Bayou, Louisiana's 2nd oldest film festival, is an annual five-day event founded in 2005 by filmmaker Pat Mire, who serves as the Artistic Director of the Festival. Now in its ninth year, the Festival is held on the last week of January at various venues in and around Lafayette. Its mission is to advance the understanding of Cajun and Creole cultures and other roots cultures through film screenings, film panels and cultural exchanges among French Louisiana, the United States and Francophone countries of the world and to present nationally and internationally acclaimed documentary and narrative fiction films and filmmakers with truly original voices.

Cinema on the Bayou has the distinction among film festivals of having given the "Audience Award" to Shreveport-based Moonbot Studios' THE FANTASTIC FLYING BOOKS OF MR. MORRIS LESSMORE more than a year before the film was nominated for and received an Academy Award. They are back this year as an official entry with their newest film, THE NUMBERLYS. Look for another Academy Award nod for Moonbot Studios in 2015.

Cinema on the Bayou also has the distinction of having one of the largest opening night audience at a Louisiana film festival when 800-plus people attended the Louisiana premiere of LITTLE CHENIER, knocking out Spiderman at the Celebrity Theaters in Broussard.

All of this is presented in a setting that provides the opportunity for plenty of fun and good times with old friends and to make important connections with new friends who share a commitment to quality film.


Films to be screened at the 9th Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival include:


45 RPM (writer/director/producer Juli Jackson, U.S., 2013), Louisiana Premiere

The Bannisters (director Danny Thebeau, Canada (New Brunswick), 2013), U.S. Premiere

Sampson (writers/directors Noah Scruggs, Thomas Woodruff, Chris Armand, U.S. (Louisiana), 2013)

Seventeen Summers (writer/director/producer Jessy Cale Williamson, U.S. (Louisiana), 2013)

The Trail (director/producer William Parker, U.S., 2013), Louisiana Premiere

Vino Veritas (director/producer Sarah Knight, U.S., 2013), Louisiana Premiere


Secretariat's Jockey, Ron Turcotte (director Phil Comeau, Canada, 2013), Louisiana Premiere

The Nature of Frederic Back (director Phil Comeau, Canada, 2012), Louisiana Premiere

Beyond These Walls (director Nathan Lorentz/producer John H. Lorentz, U.S., 2013), Louisiana Premiere

The Blues Conundrum (director Jake Glenn, U.S., 2013), Louisiana Premiere

Can't Stop The Water (directors Rebecca Marshall Ferris and Jason Ferris/producers Kathleen Ledet and Rebecca Marshall Ferris)

Night Labor (directors/producers David Redmon and Ashley Sabin, U.S., 2013), Louisiana Premiere

The Night the Blackbirds Fell (director Will Scott/producer Brian C. Campbell, U.S., 2013), Louisiana Premiere

Restoration (director Drew Landry, U.S. (Louisiana), 2013), World Premiere

Rougarouing (directors/producers Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher, U.S., 2013)

This Ain't No Mouse Music (directors/producers Chris Simon and Maureen Gosling, U.S., 2013), Louisiana Premiere

The Upstairs Lounge Fire (director Royd Anderson, U.S. (Louisiana), 2013)

A Warehouse On Tchoupitoulas (director/producer Jessy Cale Williamson, U.S. (Louisiana), 2013)


The Numberlys (writers/directors/producers William Joyce and Moonbot Studios, U.S. (Louisiana), 2013)

Not Delivered (director Vincent René-Lortie, Canada (Québec) 2013), Louisiana Premiere

(with English subtitles)

Narrative Fiction:

Aller-Retour (director Gilles Doiron/producer Jean-Marc Goguen and Botsford Productions, Canada (New Brunswick) 2013), U.S. Premiere

Après la nuit (After the Night) (director Guillaume Collin, Canada (Québec), 2013), U.S. Premiere

Bécyk (director Simon Lacroix, Canada (Québec), 2012), Louisiana Premiere

Continuité des Parcs (director Gabriel Argüello, Canada (Québec), 2012), U.S. Premiere

Filmstripe (director John Blouin, Canada (Québec), 2012), U.S. Premiere

La Sagouine (The Scrubwoman) (director Phil Comeau, Canada, 2007), Phil Comeau Retrospective

Les Gossipeuses (The Gossips) (director Phil Comeau, Canada, 1984), Phil Comeau Retrospective

Le Retour_Triptyque (The Return_Triptych) (director Guillaume de Fontenay, Canada (Québec), 2012), U.S. Premiere

Le Secret de Jérôme (Jerome's Secret) (writer/director Phil Comeau, Canada, 1994) Phil Comeau Retrospective

L'Étate des Lieux (The State of Mind) (director Maxime-Claude L'Écuyer, Canada (Québec), 2012), U.S. Premiere

Le Tapis de Grand-Prê (The Magic Rug of Grand-Prê) (director Phil Comeau, Canada, 1985) Phil Comeau Retrospective

Le Train Bleu (writer/director/producer Stephanie Assimacopoulo, France, 2013), Louisiana Premiere

Moi C'est Julien (My Name is Julien) (director Kristina Wagenbauer, France-Switzerland, 2012), U.S. Premiere

Six Degrés de Séparation (Six Degrees of Separation) (director Harold Miller, France, 2012), U.S. Premiere

Suki (director Maxime-Claude L'Écuyer, Canada (Québec), 2012), U.S. Premiere


Des Hommes À La Mer (Men at Sea) (director Félix Lamarche, Canada (Québec), 2012) U.S. Premiere

Un Pays de Silence (A Land of Silence) (director Paul Tom, Canada (Québec), 2013), U.S. Premiere


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